CAN BoosterPack for TI Tiva C

Tiva C is now a Node!
With CAN BoosterPack, your Tiva C TM4C123G is now able to connect to two different CAN buses using two CAN controllers (Native and external).
Learn how to build professional CAN bus application with the support of our libraries and example code files.

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Yes, UCAN! You are now able to see what's happening on your CAN Bus. UCAN is a budget HW and PC SW solution excellent for rapid CAN bus application development.

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Automotive technology is now available to be learned outside industry.
EddeMotive is the base board to develop automotive applications using Tiva C TM4C123G (ARM cortex-M4 processor). By providing ready interfaces to CAN bus, Ethernet modules, LCD, and more, EddeMotive impowers you through you automotive software learning and development journey.

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A Step Forward...

We are providing Tools and Kits to make embedded systems easy to learn.
With our products and solutions, you are now able to catch the train of the automotive industry trends.
Introducing automotive technologies in such easy way is our ultimate goal.


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