EddeMotive for TI Tiva C


EddeMotive contains all you want to start an automotive embedded systems development. Say goodbye to the breadboards and it's spaghetti-like flying wires. Now all you need to do is to connect your Tiva C and use its powerful On-board In-Circuit Debug Interface (ICDI).

  • Fully compatible with Texas Instruments Tiva C TM4C123G
  • 1 x MCP2551 CAN transceiver
  • 1 x I2C RTC DS1307
  • 1 x I2C 256Kb EEPROM AT24C256 with configurable address
  • 1 x SPI 1K high speed EEPROM 93C46
  • 1 x Connector pin headers for GLCD Nokia5510 - Module is not supplied
  • 1 x Connector port for ENC28J60 Ethernet module - Module is not supplied
  • 4 x Red leds
  • 2 x Potentiometer connected to analog inputs
  • 2 x Potentiometer connected to compactor inputs
  • 4 x Push buttons
  • 1 x External power circuit for EddeMotive and Tiva C - External Power supply is not supplied

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